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Cool things to do with chrome

Apart from being an excellent browser for web developers, Google Chrome is also a pretty awesome browser for everyone else. I've collected a few of the cool things you can do with Chrome.

1. Incognito Window
If you ever need to log in to the same service with two different accounts (say, if you're on your wife's computer and both want to check your gmail), open a 'New Incognito Window' (Shift+⌘+N/Ctrll+Shift+N). Cookies and history entries will not affect other windows.

2. Undo a closed tabYes, that's right, simply press Shift+⌘+T / Ctrl+Shift+T and the tab you just closed is opened again! AND - you can press it several times!

3. Pinned tabsUsing the same web sites all the time? Wouldn't it be nice if they where always on the same tab so you could use keyboard shortcuts to access them  with ⌘+n / Ctrl+n (n is the tab number you wish to jump to)?Right click on the tab and select "Pin tab" and you have it! In addition, the tab size get's shrunk to j…

Shell gems

I found a really good thread via +Patrick Aljord today called Give me that one command you wish you knew years ago on reddit.

It had a few really cool commands that I honestly didn't know about:


Ever been in a situation where you'd like to turn off your laptop, but you just started a long lasting process and forgot to use screen? disown to the rescue:
$> ^Z [1]+ Stopped $> bg $> disown ^D # Process still lives, although terminal is disconnected

How about those simple one-liners that somehow always turn out to
be so long that they really should be done as a script on file instead?
$> ls | perl -nle 'started-out-short-and-neat-but-now-long-and-complex-oneliner' $> fc # Opens your $EDITOR and pastes the last command used, ready to be edited and saved!
cd -

cd - is a small little gem that basically changes your current path to
you prev…