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Automating webcam time lapse

Ever wanted to see how stuff changes over time? With a webcam this can be done quite easily.
Set up cron/windows scheduled tasks  to go fetch a new image every minute/hour/day and compile the images to a video.
I've made a really simple script for making a sliding window view of the past 24 hours that can be used on any image feed.

Getting the images and making the video

I wanted to use ffmpeg since it has a solid command line interface and it's available on most platforms. ffmpeg wants the image files in a sequential order, so we need to rename the images after adding the newest image.

I'm not a bash expert (I usually solve stuff like this in Perl - when you have a hammer etc.), so it's probably other ways to make this work, but at least I think my code is quite easy to read and understand:

# Make sure we are in the right directory and that it has an images directory cd /path/to/where/our/timelapse/stuff/will/be mkdir -p images # Delete files older than 1 day find ima…