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Joining Google

So, it's official. As of July this year I'll be joining Google.

Why Google? Why now?
Well, it's sort of a long story. I co-founded Onsite Solutions back in 1999 while I was still CTO for Scandianvia Online (SOL). After we got tired of working in an increasingly corporate environment, and wanting to get our hands dirty and to develop some great software again.

Great Software
And we did; We created a great web application framework, much like Ruby on Rails, with Ajax and a universal Object/DOM structure (that didn't suck). All well before any of these where invented (remember, this is still 1999/2000).

In addition - we created a real time analytics software, capable of scaling to accommodate some of the largest sites in world, with real time reporting, 11 years before Google Analytics could do the same. (Both of the products are alive and kicking today.)

IT Bubble
And then the IT bubble hit.

We where about 15 people when it hit the hardest. We had to lay off some of our best…