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Google's driverless car

TED brings us this really cool video where Sebastian Thrun talks about Google's amazing driverless car project. Just plain awesome!

Node.js and asynchronous I/O

I'm pretty sure web technologies will be the one ring to rule them all in the near future.

(Probably just as much wishful thinking as a prediction - being a native Perl speaker, my affairs with Javascript has never felt like cheating at all. I think JS shares a lot more with the Perl Way than any Java I've ever seen.)

I think we'll see more and more JS (and the other parts of the not so specific HTML5 technologies) in areas other than just the browser (perhaps more accurately - we'll see more of the browser everywhere).

You can write extensions for Chrome in JS, and using Phonegap you can compile native mobile apps for iOS and Android from JS/HTML5. NgMoco is also launching a JS gaming framework for the iOS and Android just to name a few.

But perhaps the most exciting aspect is server side JS. The benefits of sharing (at least parts of) one codebase which runs on both server and client can be huge, especially in web applications. (Not to mention the need to only learn …